Almeka has a graphic designing team which creates design solutions that portray high visual impact. Our experts have an open discussion with our clients in order to deliver the best of results that satisfy our clients. We provide designs for varied activities and products like corporate communication & corporate identity, websites, advertising, books & journals thereby helping in creating a visual impact and aid in creating a corporate identity.

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The Brief

We have been using our expertise in creating a corporate identity to our clients by means of branding them and promoting their corporate image. Branding is the design to which a product or service is related to. Brand Management is the application of marketing techniques to a specific brand. Branding helps in increasing the sale of a product and other products related to it. Using a design cleverly helps people in relating to a product. A custom logo is always an essential aspect for the success of a company. We help companies in product launching and re-invigorating brands, brand conception and also post campaigns. We will help you to get a design you love. Helping out our customers in logo design, brochure design and business card design, thereby providing a snapshot for companies is one of our interests.

We always look at things from a fresh angle to provide unique experience to our clients with a professional approach to cost, working time and meeting deadlines.